Who We Are

Euramco Pictures is an evolving intercontinental production, distribution, and financing company founded by one of the original founding members of The American Film Market, Renato Romano.

Business began flourishing for Renato in 1975 when he established the New York offices of Euro International Films. Three years later, he joined forces with publishing giant Mondadori and created Italy's first private television network. Marketing television and movies soon led to producing and to the Romano Library of Broadcast material. This success brought on the official birth of what is now known as Euramco Pictures.

Euramco prides itself on having distributed films with enriching narrative stories and powerful themes. These films include award winning credits: Andrzej Zulawski's POSSESSION, THE WITCHING and GHOST STORY, starring Orson Welles, and films such as SAINT JOHN, ADVICE AND CONSENT, and THE CARDINAL produced by legendary director Otto Preminger. With bases in Los Angeles, New York, China and Germany, Euramco Pictures has established its role as a world influencer in entertainment, building global connections and collaborating with like-minded independent individuals and companies. With a strong team of creative writers, each project in development is unique.

Going into production in the fall in Italy, is the romantic NO CURE FOR LOVE with Melanie Mayron directing. Melanie has a long list of director credits including The CW’s JANE THE VIRGIN, ABC Family’s PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, Netflix’s GRACE & FRANKIE, and the sequel to the smash hit MEAN GIRLS. In Italy, Euramco is also in development on a series called THE ART OF MURDER, which is tonally similar to a modern-day MURDER SHE WROTE. And, it is currently packaging a suspenseful action film that will take place in Berlin and Shanghai called BULLET TRAIN, which Euramco will be presenting at the Shanghai Film Festival. This was written by Chuck Hustmyre, a bestselling author, award-winning journalist, and screenwriter who has written films for Lionsgate and Universal. An animated adventure that Euramco is excited about is currently being developed, the environmentally conscience ONCE UPON A BLUE SKY. Collaborating with Euramco on this is the very prolific Jim Hull. Hull’s character animation has been featured in several Dreamworks films, including: THE CROODS, MADAGASCAR, PUSS IN BOOTS, KUNG FU PANDA 2, SHREK 2,HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, MONSTERS VS. ALIENS and BEE MOVIE.

One of the future stories Euramco plans to focus on involves 2-time Oscar winning cinematographer James Wong Howe. It is Euramco’s goal to sponsor a student coming from China in honor of James Wong Howe.

Our Team

Our team works across the globe, communicating and coordinating across devices, languages and time zones. And we are always open to new people joining our team according to the needs of a project.



Renato Romano - CEO
Ernesto Aybarth - Executive/ Personal Assistant
Madlyn Marie - Media Manager

Renato Romano - CEO
​Lukas Hofmann – International Operations 



Renato Romano - CEO
Frank Laudadio - Lawyer/ Accountant
​Hugh Fox - General Manager

Renato Romano - CEO
Cai Woting - International Operations