Our current catalogue of projects touch on a wide variety of themes, ranging from a young man's mission to bring peace to the Middle East through his music to an animated feature about saving the planet.

(feature in development)

As a senior sales representative, Yasmine Chang can easily access the sensitive data connected to the satellite company she works for. While traveling overseas on business, some unsettling characters know of her presence, and they will stop at nothing to gain access to the codes/information she knows that can shift the balance of power in favor of the country they represent.   

ONCE UPON A TIME CHINA IN AMERICA (television docu/drama in development)

Chinese immigrants had an unprecented positive impact in America's development around the 19th century. But many of their struggles and names are unknown to those who live in the 21st century. Following key moments in American history all while highlighting the lives of six immigrants as they overcome great adversity to accomplish the American Dream, we will finally honor them, showing nothing but gratitude for the gifts they left their countries and the world.

(feature in development)

Candace finds herself back on the island of Ischia, this time for her estranged husband's funeral. As she explores her
past & present with friend Lukas, the memories that once haunted her are eased by their growing affection. 

**Melanie Mayron attached to direct**
 directing credits include: The CW’s JANE THE VIRGIN, Netflix’s GRACE & FRANKIE, and the sequel to the smash hit MEAN GIRLS.

(series in development)

Julia Campbell's people skills are rough. But she has a talent for curating the best art exhibitions. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston assigns her an exhibition overseas. All goes as scheduled until one of the members is found dead. Supposedly, Interpol wraps up the case, but Julia believes there is more to the murder. ​


Peter Paintbrush is innocent and he means well, but he gets into trouble a lot. Stay tuned for his crazy adventures as his friends (and some foes) interact with him.

(series in development)

MECS are crime fighting cops in a high-tech, mobile world, using proven investigative techniques along with the newest methods of international communication, while risking their lives on the road.

(tv series in development)

A cartoon series that goofs on ubiquitous forensic police procedural centered around a boy genius named Zeke and his team of scientist animals.

(feature in development)

(series in development)

An action/adventure feature film about an American agent who battles a team of hijackers on the maiden voyage of the world's fastest train, the 800 km/h Berlin-to-Shanghai
New Orient Express.

**​Written by Chuck Hustmyre** 
Chuck Hustmyre is a former FBI agent, bestselling author, and award-winning journalist who has written more than 700 newspaper & magazine articles. He has also written Lionsgate films, HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN & END OF A GUN.

A modern drama set 2000 years ago. Parallels are hauntingly obvious between New York & Washington, and Rome & the Roman Forum, fulcrums of world business and politics where staggering income inequality is born of corruption and ethical laxity.  Roman Ladies, covering ten years, is a multi-season series: think Downtown Abbey in Ancient Rome.

(feature in development)

(feature in development)

Bassass rock-and-roll icon Cody Space has a skyrocketing career. But after his brother is killed in the Middle East, he realizes that he has an obligation to stop the senseless killings through his music. When Cody's concert in Jerusalem is banned, he secretly moves the venue to Bethlethem in Palestine. Then the two sides with the most to lose each take aim. Is this his last performance?

This beautiful children's story tells a tale in which our natural Earth is in mortal peril from carbon-spewing factories, power plants and refineries that have created pollution so dangerous, children may not open their windows.

Luckily, a small boy named Tim defies the situation, and Mother Nature will join Tim, our hero.